Move-In Checklist

12 Tips For A Successful Move-In

  • Schedule a move-in date and walk-through inspection with your leasing agent. Have a few times slots available.
  • Call BGE (800-685-0123). Discontinue old service and start new service.
  • Call Verizon. Discontinue old service and start new service.
  • Call Comcast Cable (800-Comcast). Discontinue old cable service. Begin new.
  • Schedule movers or truck rental one month ahead of your move. 
  • Call your insurance agent and purchase renters insurance.
  • Fill out a change of address form with the post office. Change newspaper delivery and magazine subscriptions.
  • Provide your leasing agent with all outstanding funds due prior to the walk through.
  • Change your billing address with all credit card companies and stores.
  • Get the schedule for trash pick-up and recycling.
  • If you are moving into the downtown Annapolis area, get a City parking pass
  • Enjoy your new home!