Environmental Compliance

There are a number of issues that residential rental property owners in the State of Maryland should be aware of. These are a few for your attention.

What? The Basics Who It Affects
Lead Paint All residential rental property built before 1978 should be registered with the MD Department of the Environment annually. The cost of registration is $10 a year. Certain notices and information should be provided to tenants regarding the detection and presence of lead-based paint. There is a federal disclosure form that should be used as well. Properties in the compliance program either by age or by choice must take certain steps before each occupancy to ensure the level of safety. Compliance with the law allows limited tort liability for the owner by statute. In addition, compliance by an owner puts certain responsibilities on the owner's insurance carrier. Properties built before 1950 are presumed to have lead paint in them. Properties built after 1978 are presumed to be lead free (lead based paint was discontinued for residential use in the late 1970's. Those built between 1950 and 1978 may have used lead paint.
Oil Tanks Underground oil tanks, like any other metal material, are prone to leakage over time. Any property owner should have the tank inspected periodically as a precaution. Unused or abandoned oil tanks are required to be removed from the ground under proper supervision. Removal of the tank is often a relatively routine matter. Properties that currently have oil heat, especially if the heating oil tank is buried in the ground.
Asbestos Asbestos was one of the best insulation materials known for many years. If the material is intact, it is generally not regarded as a danger. Older buildings may have basement heating pipes and hot water pipes insulated with it. Removal should be handled by trained and knowledgeable personnel. Older properties should be inspected for deteriorating material.
Airport Noise There was a bill before the legislature in 1998 which would have shifted the burden for airplane noise on to property owners whose property was within certain flight paths. It was defeated. Anyone who lives in the 20th century.
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