When It's Move-Out Time...

Moving time is always a busy time, and you will have lots of things on your mind now that you have given notice you are moving. One of those things undoubtedly is how to get your deposits back promptly. Contrary to what some tenants believe, we want to return your deposits, and we will return them to you so long as you leave your place "reasonably clean and undamaged." That's what your rental agreement says and that's what we will do. You're probably wondering, however, what "reasonably clean and undamaged" means, so we'd like to tell you how we interpret it and tell you also what you should do to get your deposits back.

Based on your notice to us, we expect you to be moved out completely by that day. Because we are making arrangements for new residents to move in after you move, we would appreciate hearing from you immediately if your moving plans should change.

We hope your moving goes smoothly, and we wish you happiness in your new home,

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What Is "Reasonably Clean & Undamaged"?

"Reasonably clean" to us means as clean as you would leave your dwelling if you knew your best friend or favorite aunt were going to move in after you. To get it that clean, we expect you to clean the appliances, stove hood, and cabinets (under sinks, too) both inside and out; remove all non-adhesive shelf paper; use an appropriate cleanser on the showers, tubs, toilets, sinks, mirrors, and medicine cabinets (inside as well).

Also, dust the ceilings (for cobwebs), baseboards, window sills, and closet shelving; wash the kitchen and bathroom walls and spot-clean the walls in the other rooms; wash the light fixtures and windows inside and out; vacuum the floors; scrub the floor tile or linoleum; sweep the entry, patio, storage enclosure, and garage; remove all personal belongings (including clothes hangers and cleaning supplies); and dispose of all trash. We prefer not to do those cleaning chores ourselves, and we will deduct from your deposit if we have to have someone take care of them.

"Reasonably undamaged" to us means that items which we have supplied should not be missing (including light bulbs) or broken; that there should be no burns, cracks, chips, or holes in the dwelling, flooring, countertops, cabinets or other furnishings. The paint on the walls should be sufficient to last at least two years from the time they were last painted. Please do no remove anything you have attached to the walls or ceiling without talking to us first, and please try to avoid nicking the paint in the halls and doorways as you move things out.

After you have returned the keys, we would like to inspect your dwelling with you to check it for cleanliness and damage, and unless we have to get prices on special work, replacements, or utility bills, we will refund all deposits owed to you as soon as possible.

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